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Use should be aware of before hedge trimmer Home >> News Center >> Company News >> Use should be aware of before hedge trimmer

1. Use hedge trimmer before please read carefully FangChan, using the function of mechanical and using advertent matters get clear.

2. Hedge trimmer use is trimmed hedges, shrubs, in order to prevent attacks, do not use it for other accidents confound USES.

3. Hedge trimmer device high-speed cutting knife and activities, if operation is very wrong, the risk. So WeiMi or uncomfortable in the late evening, after taking cold medicine, please do not use or after drinking gasoling clip machine.

4. The expulsion of gas launched machine contain harmful carbon monoxide. Therefore, don't indoors, as in greenhouse or tunnel ventilation owe good local within using hedge trimmer.

5. The following kinds of places, please do not use.

(1) more slippery underfoot, difficult to adhere to constant homework stances.

(2) the night, because of fog or on their site to confirm the peace of all round.

(3) when it was owed good brisk wind, rain, wind (thunders, etc.).

6. First used, be sure to please have experience of usage of gasoling clip machine info on before beginning practice their lessons.

7. Excessive WeiMi will make note, and then become the attack power reduce periods, don't make Babel, excessive homework scheme work as his homework every continue beyond 30 to 40 minutes, and then to have 10 to 20 minutes of rest time, a day's homework time should limit within two hours.

8. Minors not promised to use gasoling clip machine.


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