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Tea plucking machine is to replace artificial from tea tree on the tender tea picking new harvest machinery. General is motor or diesel engine driving blades cut or friction on the principle, also called tea picking tea, according to trim machine tea method and built-in blade is different, can be divided into: selective, and the choice, reciprocating cutting type, hook knife cutting type and spiral roll-cut type tea plucking machine. Machine can improve tea tea, efficiency, increase efficiency, save a large number of labor. Because the development and popularization of tea machine, greatly alleviate the tea picking peak, and shorten the cycle, so also picking tea quality a key guarantee measures. A tea plucking machine to work eight hours a day, each machine is for every recoverable fresh leaves 2,400 kilograms wet, if use manual picking tea, you are required to 80 workers talents can be done (per person a day only upon in 30 kilograms). A tea plucking machine can save a 75 workers every day the workforce; Words, and adopt xia qiu tea tea tea picking the same number of machine, (manual tea plucking day each recoverable 40 kilograms), a tea plucking machine can save tea tea summer day 55 Labour. "Good quality, picking tea machine shoot leaves intact rate is 70% above, have important to develop mechanization tea helps.


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