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Tea plucking machine

Tea plucking machine which do you prefer - picker leaf from tea tree top tip of new tender tea harvested crop machinery. Press picking methods not points and the selective selective tea plucking machine two kinds of tea machine. Selective tea plucking machine has broken type and friction type type etc. The former is used bending circuitous broken affair, pluck fresh tea and custody coarse old branches; The latter is using a pair of elastic pick refers to clamped tea, relying on the vintage with tea means between static friction force leaves and preservation, takes off chlorosis and bud. Due to the garden, low efficiency and produce the required lessons premise, selective tea plucking machine senior announcement has not been greatly to perform. The selective tea plucking machine again say shear type tea plucking machine, picking tea. Reasonable use of shear Because of its simple structure, apply and obtain perform lunch. Its primary types such as the following.

Contacts continuously cutting type tea plucking machine

Tea plucking machine by 0.6 ~ 14 watts of small gasoline engine or 40 watts around by the micromotor drive, power with soft shaft spread to hand picking device, drive cutter (a double sword and single movement knife two) and make contacts continuously integrating leaves device sport. Pluck tea in fan or sweep the impeller result under into set leaves bag. Picking good quality, bud leaves perfect ratio can reach up to about 70 percent, the length of the first bush on selective machine types.

Hook knife cutting type tea plucking machine

Tea plucking machine by picking device of cutter two or more sets of hook knife and fixed bottom knife components, each two groups of hook knife and cutting disputed level change movement bud leaves. Bud leaves perfect ratio can reach up to about 50%, but has repeated cutting phenomenon.

Spiral roll-cut type tea plucking machine

Tea plucking machine for picking device equipped with two spiral blade knife roll, the change is used for cutting bud leaves, and the leaves both sets. Simple structure, more for manual tea plucking machine, can also be made by driving. Have serious repeat the perfect cutting phenomenon, buds, only 30% rate share limited not widespread.

Tea plucking machine superior sex

Through years of tea machine theory, it is proved that the executive mechanization, not only improve working efficiency tea, add benefit, so save a lot of labor, alleviate flood peak, shorten picked fresh leaf picking cycle, guarantee the quality of a key method. A tea plucking machine normally for a LaoDongRi with •, each machine 2400kg every recoverable fresh leaves, as is required by hand-picking, talent completed, (80 in everyday each 30kg upon only). A tea plucking machine can save a 75 labor day; Summer, like tea tea machine number (manual tea plucking everyday each recoverable 40kg), a tea plucking machine tea can save 55 labor day.


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