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The lawn mower, lawn mower daily use and maintenance Home >> News Center >> Company News >> The lawn mower, lawn mower daily use and maintenance

1, the composition of lawn mower

By launching machine (or electric idea), shell, knives, wheel and abstemious armrest, etc. Parts of composition.

2, the classification of lawn mower

According to the dynamic can be divided into gasoline as fuel the launch of the machine type, powered by electricity over-bed type; and without power mute According to walk, the methods could be divided into self-propelled since go hands push type and vehicle type; Press set grass method can be divided into set grass bag and side platoon type: the blade number can be divided into single-blade chip, double chip and the combination of blade type; According to cut grass blades methods could be divided into hob type and screw knife type. Ordinary commonly used for launching machine type, self-propelled, set grass bag, single-blade chip, screw knife type models.

Three, the use of lawn mower

Cutting grass, essential to weed out before the sundry cut grass area. Launched machine oil surface reflect the number, gasoline, air cleaner filter function, bolt tightness degree, firmness and sharp blade level. Cold machine form shall, before starting launch machine closed, stress injector after three times above, will throttle open to maximum microroughness again after flips. Starting air inlet. Cutting grass, if the grass is too long, should staging phases cut. Each only cut the 1 / frustrated grass chief aim is to prevent 3) after CaoHuang cut grass is; If cutting grass slope is too steep, should area along the slope cutting grass; If the slope beyond 30 degrees, had better not lawn mower; If the lawn area is too big. Lawn mower continue work had better not surpass task 4 hours.


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