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Cutting grass (filling machine) machine matters need attention Home >> News Center >> Industry News >> Cutting grass (filling machine) machine matters need attention

Lawnmower cutting grass why want to use big throttle? Screw knife type lawn mower lawn mower is relying on the blades to cut grass high-speed reverse the linear sloping, if not apply, then cut the grass results owe good. So, cutting the grass to use big throttle high speed. Other, lawn mower carburetor and active speed in the big throttle installed if no load, its oil consumption is not high also, just when the load the speed of 3400r. From no-load p.m 2800r. P.m. so arrive, big can need not due to gas, with small throttle cut grass result also owe good.

Why oil to the due to change? The lawn mower accurate trademark of mechanical effect is oil, cooling and clean smooth, enhance the piston seal. After using period of time machine, followed the dust into the air and mechanical wear metal scraps into oil and oil heated, activities, and their various functions, such as not decline apital oil, real change will accelerate mechanical wear, reduce the using life of mechanical, even can form embrace watts, cylinder scraping and connecting rod broken confound. Therefore, should press FangChan rules change by deadline for oil, guaranteeing mechanical normal use.


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