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What is the power insulation saw them? Home >> News Center >> What is the power insulation saw them?

Power saws and painted them insulation is the same with the fire-fighting painted the fire-fighting, its main characteristic is insulation.

In recent years, in the overhead power lines rests near plant crisis power line safety phenomenon growing number. Especially every year summer, autumn two season, power line along the tall trees near for the thunderstorm, wind, the typhoon, the effects of a tornado, DuoCi happen DaXian branches, dumping trunk broken line pressing events such as electric power lines, leading to a power trip accident occurred frequently, serious impact on the enterprise and the inhabitants of the normal life.

In reaction to the phenomenon, with ordinary gao zhi fire-fighting affirmation is out of the question, because the average gao zhi fire-fighting conductive, cannot use.

And so, in The Times in recent years become a kind of call them the power insulation saw, it USES the fire-fighting mechanical lever and pulleys principle, the collection cut, saws and insulation and electricity in a body, the insulation lever stretch. The power to do big homework saw them insulation range is 4 meters, JuKou's biggest opening is 30 mm, homework line voltage is less than or equal to 35 kv, is the electric power department, railway power department, gardens, orchard and forest very useful work one of the tools. The reasonable design, structure, unique, easy to carry, energy efficient.


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