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Fire-fighting maintenance matters needing attention head is shown Home >> News Center >> Industry News >> Fire-fighting maintenance matters needing attention head is shown

Fire-fighting maintenance is head is shown a certain precautions, well, can protect the maintenance work of the fire-fighting, which can make the fire-fighting gib better operation, smooth and safe completes the work.

In the use of fire-fighting chain saws before, should throw in chain oil can be conducted only after work, should be bubble in the oil bowl. In the work should be paid attention to in the process of cutting the changes in debris is not sharp serrated, application of the special file of zigzag chain on teeth, to ensure the rest of serrated edge. The correct operation method is: the direction of teeth along the teeth, and can only tumbled in the direction of the gear tooth, amid the 10 million not back, file and fire-fighting saw the most suitable Angle of chain chain of 30 ° Angle, is a congress to make fire-fighting chain saws more blunt, and Angle is too small, will cause not durable conditions, so Angle must grasp, or to fire-fighting saw chain, is shown adverse effects of will.

Also, to protect the head is shown, need to have the right to use good saw chain oil. Chain saws oil is saw chain and wood cutting process, provide lubricating oil and reduce the fire-fighting chain saws and fire-fighting gib friction heat, head of fire-fighting formation protection is shown. Before work, should check whether the oil has been charging fire-fighting chain enough. After startup, should wait until the oil throw in a chain saws, conducted only after work, according to the lack of oil refining saw chain will be work took extra precautions when the high temperatures of annealing, caused by premature chain saws fire-fighting, also can cause fire-fighting scrap, and even fire-fighting service life is shown cut short


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