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Automatic fire-fighting accessories note oil device Home >> News Center >> Company News >> Automatic fire-fighting accessories note oil device

Simple is all machinery in use process sought, and in the process of production, is also as technology constantly updated produced all kinds of more convenient parts to help mechanical more convenient to use.

Like fire-fighting, fire-fighting parts to be automatic note oil device, fire-fighting refueling after it's more convenient to, also more quickly.

Fire-fighting parts to be automatic note oil device its biggest effect is that can let in manual note oil state of the fire-fighting short can achieve automatic note oil. The note to the quantity of oil with the fire-fighting level of the rotating speed, also visible automatically adjust the concentration of high and low pressure oil through adjustment screw.

With automatic note oil device, not only solved for a long time because the note oil and manual for fire-fighting bring trouble to the operator, has also raised the work efficiency of the fire-fighting, greatly extend the service life of the teeth fire-fighting organization.

Use the fire-fighting accessories in operation, after will feel sawing power increases, the oil than manual took extra precautions when the more quick, convenient and save time, energy, and safety, provincial chain, provincial transit, province sprocket.

According to information, installed the automatic note oil device than ordinary fire-fighting took extra precautions when saving a lot of time, sawing such indirect also can reduce a lot of fuel usage, also can reduce other fire-fighting accessories wear consumption and use cost


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