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Fire-fighting accessories of the chain saws briefly introduced in this article Home >> News Center >> Industry News >> Fire-fighting accessories of the chain saws briefly introduced in this article

In the garden tools, we usually say fire-fighting accessories have crankshaft, chain saws, piston, air filter, cylinder, the crankcase, muffler, GaoYaBao, magnetic flywheel, etc. Below we mainly introduce the fire-fighting saw chain.

New type of fire-fighting chain saw teeth piece, including left right of teeth, drive piece, connection box of rivets. In addition, the rest of the several parts rivet with the bottom of the two connection holes. Fire-fighting saw a complete even unit is: teeth left of box of connection by two star of rivets will to right and left of the two drivers are caught in the middle of; Right of teeth and another connection with two teeth of rivets will another left a right of two driver caught in the middle, The other two connected to two teeth and of rivets in above two assembly of hole in the drive connected the two drivers of a left a right caught in the middle, will link up the assembly. Several saw chain unit constitution a closed integration chain saws. In fact seen bike chains people should know, fire-fighting chain saws and principle of the principle of the bike chains are very much alike.


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