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Explanation of the fire-fighting technology maintenance to them Home >> News Center >> Industry News >> Explanation of the fire-fighting technology maintenance to them

Gao zhi fire-fighting, all called high pruning branches, is in the garden afforestation fire-fighting pruning branches of one of the common garden machinery. Painted by a single operation of the fire-fighting is a garden machinery, its operation is difficult, high risk, is very need operator of the technology. At the same time, the maintenance of the fire-fighting gao zhi is also very technical, also is the need of the operator master.

Next, we'll see the fire-fighting technology to them maintain:

For them, the new factory took extra precautions when three times before by adjust period, not suitable in engine no load to high-speed operation, or you will have unnecessary burdens. Painted in the fire-fighting adjust period, must make all the moving parts of each other in the drive between the parts adjustment, there will be a larger friction resistance. General gao zhi of engine after 5 fire-fighting to 15 times irrigation of the oil to reach maximum power after.

If the fire-fighting work great strength to them, in the long time of full load operation after, let the engine idling for short periods of time, let the cold air flow away most of the heat, six driving device parts not because heat accumulation and bring undesirable consequences.

In addition, the air filter and spark plug is very important two parts. For the maintenance of the air filter, air inlet moves to a resistance to the position of the draft, dirt into the intake pipe, and then put the foam filter placed in clean the flammable cleaners clean and dry. To spark plug, generally need to check the spark plug in there is insufficient, the engine power will start difficult. Check the spark plug, see whether the electrode distance of 0.5 mm, it is necessary to make adjustments. In order to avoid sparks produced and danger of fire, if have separate joint spark plug must spin on the nuts to thread and tighten, will spark plug plug pressed tightly against spark plug in.


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